Together To Meet Every Challenge

It has been several years since MORESCHI began to relate its image to sport, in order to transmit those wholesome principles of commitment, desire to win, the ability to work as a team, as they are the same our present core values. In addition to the sponsorship of “national sport Italian” representatives, like Atalanta and Monza Soccer Team, MORESCHI is always looking to find new partnership, especially in motor race, from 2wheels to 4wheels drive. From Ferrari Challenge, to F430 during GT3 and GT open competition; from Superstock 600 to Ducati Corse. It is not by chance that MORESCHI’s most recent sponsorship started something very important: the partnership with Scuderia F1 Toro Rosso let us to be a supplier and a supporter of one of the most F1 Circus emergent . MORESCHI is well known worldwide as one of the great Italian excellence: we have been able to make technological innovation as the key of our success!